Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Time

Here it is Thanksgiving time, one of my favorite times of the year, and all I've been thinking about it how miserable I am feeling right now. I am truly ashamed of myself...
Since I try to keep my blog honest (as well as providing news) I guess I'm going to have to share.
I'm to that point in my pregnancy where I wake up every morning hoping that the baby will surely make an appearance today and it keeps putting me in a bad mood when every day I'm still huge, and achy, and clumsy, and miserable. I'm so distracted I can hardly focus on getting school done, and my feet swell when I'm on them for any length of time cleaning. I've done everything I can think of to get ready for baby (many times over) and now it's just a waiting game. The most frustrating part is that I feel like my life is on hold while I helplessly wait for whatever is coming....long labor, short labor, hard, easy, soon or a week from now?
Now that is probably all just hormones talking but it is very real for me. I guess the best medicine when you are feeling like nothing can go right and you are counting all the "wrongs" in your life, is to read about someone who has had it worse and been through more. Then suddenly things don't look quite as bad as they did.
That is what has happened to me.
I've been reading this other blog this evening (that I will be adding to my blogroll) about a mom w/4 kids, and she was telling how her last son was diagnosed with heart failure early in the pregnancy. Anyway, I'll let you follow up on that story later if you want. The link is here and I've really enjoyed it. I agree with her perspective on soooo many things, but what moved me most was her son's story. It made me stop and realize how much I take for granted that I should be consciously and consistently thanking the Lord for. We all have rough times in our lives, but instead of dwelling on the bad and letting the devil drag us down into defeat, we should be counting our blessings.
So I want to end this with listing some of mine:
-I'm thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ, without Whom I would have nothing
-I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, words can't describe what he is to me
-I'm thankful for my 6 sweet, healthy, active, beautiful children...who keep my life full and interesting and love me unconditionally
-I'm thankful for the little one who will be making an appearance soon...I can't wait to meet you
-I'm thankful this has been a healthy pregnancy
- I'm thankful for loving, supportive family and friends who are always ready to help and encourage
- I'm thankful for the wonderful church the Lord has put us in and the blessing it always is
--I'm thankful for my home and health and food and clothing...

and all the other material and spiritual blessing that my Heavenly Father showers me with each and every day. I have a framed print on my wall that reminds me "In Everything Give Thanks". Now I need to remember to do just that.

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Britney Harper said...

My eyes are full of tears....This post was wonderful ! Thanks !!!

Love, Brit