Thursday, December 18, 2008

A bump in the road

Hi all! I know it has been awhile since I blogged and I figured it was time to update everyone.
Things were going along perfectly in the pregnancy until about 2 weeks ago now, when I started bleeding unexpectedly and for no reason that I could figure. Ed put me on bed rest and I had lots of help from family. I stayed in bed all week and everything seemed fine, then I spent 2 days on my feet. Sat. I went Christmas shopping, and Sun. was the usual busy day at church plus our Christmas fellowship. By Sun night I was doing bad again so I spent most of the day Mon on the couch. I felt really bad all day Monday and by that evening it was starting to scare us, so Mom took me to the ER. Ed was out of town with Daddy and wouldn't be back until later so he just said he would meet us there. Well, since we normally do homebirth, I was really nervous about what Dr I would see, and would they think I was crazy etc. Thank the Lord, He just worked everything out. I was admitted right away, so no long wait. Then I was blessed with all female nurses and a female Dr. Everyone was as nice as they could be, so sweet, and no one reacted negatively to the crazy woman who has her babies at home. =) They ran all the usual tests and I had an ultra sound too. Contrary to my expectations, everything was fine. The baby was fine ( I got to hear the heartbeat, which I normally can't until 20 wks with my fetascope), the placenta was fine, there were no signs of any hemorrhage sites or any sign of infection at all. In fact the Dr said there wasn't even any sign of anemia, which was awesome to me as I tend to have a problem with that anyway and this is number 7. (I have found some really great vitamins which I think must be the reason for that.) Anyway, all that to say, everything was fine. They recommend that I go back in a week for another ultrasound but I see no need for that. I'm not really comfortable with them unless there is some serious reason. Now that I know everything is fine I'm just going to relax, continue to take it easy, and trust the Lord. I am actually feeling much better today, I'm back to barely even spotting now, so I think everything will be fine. Please do remember me and baby and all of us in your prayers if you think of it. I'm really anxious for the rest of the pregnancy to go well. I'm so thankful for my sisters and the rest of my family and most especially my hubby who all had to do so much more while I was in bed all that time. Not fun. It certainly makes me thankful for my health, and I realize how much I take it for granted.
So anyway, it is definitely a praise report that we have here and we are all looking forward to our various Christmas celebrations.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with each of your families and friends. Maybe I will get to see some of you soon. Merry Christmas!

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