Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pedicures (or whatever word includes my leg from the knee down)

The kids have gotten into this thing where they love to "do my feet". They fill a small tub (too small) with warm water and soap and have me put my feet in it (lots of spilling and wet towels here). I'm supposed to "soak" them for awhile. So they wait about 30 seconds and then start scrubbing my feet and legs with little brushes (i.e. fingernail brushes and the like). This is where everyone starts trying to find anything they can to stick in the overflowing tub and swish around and slosh over me. It's gets really fun.
They scrub and rub, and when all the skin is pretty much gone and my feet are nice and raw, I mean relaxed, then they dry me off and slather me with tons (and tons) of lotion. The more the merrier. And they do this for awhile, smearing it on and rubbing it around and then wiping it off and adding more....and then progressing to lotioning themselves... and the chair... and the couch... and the floor...and each other. Then, finally, after the biggest possible mess is made, and everyone is totally satisfied that I enjoyed it and I'm relaxed, we can dump out the water and mop it all up. (During this time of R&R, I have been feeding Ky, keeping Levi from drinking the water, trying to make sure Isaac doesn't lotion too much stuff, etc.)
Surprisingly, after all is said and done, I find it has been relaxing... and at least it kept everyone in the same place for a little while . =)


Priscilla said...

I laughed so hard through the entire episode. Sounds so typical and yet sweet of the kids trying to do something special for their mommy. Hilarious about scrubbing until no skin left, then all the lotion... I can imagine!!!


melmietzner said...

That story was so funny! I wish I could have seen it. It was a sweet gesture though. At least you'll have the softest feet of anyone you know!lol

Andrea said...

How humorous, precious, and messy! :) I got a good chuckle from this little story! You should submit it to a parenting magazine or Reader's Digest or MOPS Momsense magazine or some such thing. Very cute and sweet. I always enjoy your posts. Hug your kids for me!

Nina said...

So glad to have found your blog! It reminds me of the days when my own 7 kids were a bit younger...
We had many episodes like yours and every one of them is now a precious memory.
Our 'stair steps' are now 26, 25, 23, 20, 20 (twins), 17 and 12. They grew up so fast!
I'm subscribing to your blog, just so I can read about your happy moments. :)