Friday, March 28, 2008

March madness

Well, I do realize that it has been quite a while since I left a post on here. Taking into consideration that we've crammed a couple different weeks of company, a trip to Pensacola, a garage sale, and roof job into that time I'd say we've been pretty busy. That's just the extra stuff...I've still tried to fit in school, cleaning, eating and some sleep. Oh yeah, and I've started working out at the gym a couple times a week too. This is my third week for that, and, thankfully, I'm over the "can't-move pain" and now it's just soreness.
It's actually been this week that the guys have worked on the roof. I think we all thought it would be faster and less messy than it ended up being. Nope. Not a chance. It has taken several days and the yard is a disaster, but.....Lord willing, everything should be finished up today. We are praying so.
School is good, I'm getting to implement more ideas that I've had to make things run more smoothly. The kids are really taking off with their reading. Alyssa is next in line to learn and I think I'll be starting with her probably next week. She has surprised me so much with her own initiative on this one.
Isaac is doing good with his school too. He really enjoys tracing letters and is getting good at it. He knows how to spell his name.
Levi is talking more every day. He repeats everything he hears, and it's getting to where you can actually understand him. Ky is being her fat little self. She has definitely got a unique little personality even at 6 months. She is very aware of everything that goes on around her and has started saying her name ( I know that just sounds like a mom talking, but I'm not the only one who has said it). She is such a doll and we all enjoy her so much. Levi is her best friend, too.
Well, I guess I've rambled enough for now...

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