Sunday, December 23, 2007


Do you ever wish that you could make life perfect? I often do.
I have been thinking about this subject the last several days, and I have realized that so many times in anticipating an event I view it with what I have come to think of as my "perfect syndrome". I see things happening a certain way and then anticipate the perfect memories that we will have to look back on as a result of "x,y, & z". As we all know, though, the reality is that life is rarely perfect. We aren't perfect people and we don't live in a perfect world. Only God is perfect.
I have to confess, I was a little bit disappointed because it seemed Mom's visit was way to fast. I had hoped we would have lots of time to just relax and "create memories". You know....bake cookies, read books together, spend lots and lots of time talking and catching up on the last 3 and a half years....but needless to say you can't possibly do that in just a little over a week. In reality, we spent a large part of the time running errands and taking care of business. I know Mom had hoped for things to be somewhat calmer too and I was feeling so bad for her and then I got to thinking about all this. And I realized something...memories aren't what we have because life is perfect. They are what we have because we were together. In remembering things that happened, we don't remember all the little "flies in the ointment", we remember the good things, the blessings.
Here are all the "good things" that I plan to remember Mom's visit by:
-the kids excitement in getting ready for Grandma to come and getting to go to the airport and pick her up
-meeting Levi and Ky for the first time
-her getting to hold and rock Kyla
-Kyla cooing and talking to Mom for the first time
-our trips to Wiggins (in which we were able to relax and visit)
-watching Pride and Prejudice at Holly's place
-going Christmas shopping ...first with Holly then with Holly and Rachel
-Sunday dinner with all of her "kids" together
-seeing and talking about all of her quilts
-her reading to her grandbabies
-the talks we did get to squeeze in
-dinner at Josh and Rachel's
-saying good-bye (thank you Holly for all those pictures)
-the laughter, the tears, the hugs, the love
-the knowledge that no matter how much time passes or how short the visits she will always be my Mom and I will always be her little girl.
I just want you to know, Mom, that I'm so thankful for the fact that you got to come and that I love you, always. Hope your Christmas is sweet and that you will have lots of good memories to take back with you.

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Scilla said...

What you said about making memories is too true. I also try to make life perfect and think that is what its all about. But in reality you remember those fun things that were decided to do, on the spur of the moment. Thanks!
Love ya,