Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well, Christmas is over and we had a great day.
Ed got off from work, and, after he came in, we stuffed the stockings and set out the gifts. I hadn't dared to set them out before...there wouldn't have been any wrapping paper left on them. I let the kids eat breakfast out of their stockings ( I did put a few healthy items in there too....raisins, nuts, a blueberry muffin, an orange...besides the candy). Of course, they pretty much only ate the candy and just nibbled the good stuff. Oh well, Christmas is only once a year, we can go back to restricted sugar after New Year's Day. I had made banana bread too, so breakfast was easy for all concerned ( and yes we had coffee...need you ask?).
It was so much fun to watch the kids open their gifts. The Lord had worked it out where we were able to make a little go a long way this year, and they are enjoying all the new stuff.
I am so excited because one of my gifts from Ed is that he is making me a potter's wheel. I have wanted to get into pottery making for several years now and I can't wait. I'm going to start researching it all online now...materials, a kiln, books, techniques, etc.
The other thing he got me was a game of Pictionary. Besides the fact that I love the game, it's extra special to me because it was the first game we ever played together when we were courting( and we won). And Ed knew that...isn't he the BEST!
We made it down to Wiggins about 2:00 and weren't too terribly late for dinner as they had all opened gifts too. Yay!
We opened some more presents after dinner and then watched a new version of Pollyanna that Lauryn had. It was cute and very like the book.
Everyone had a good time and we snacked all afternoon. We finally decided to head home about 8:00 because I was so tired. Lauryn got to come home with us for the night and we visited some more with her and Pete, Holly, and John once we got home. I headed for bed finally about 12:00.
Then, this morning I could hardly pry myself off the pillow, but it has been so nice to just "chill". You know, hang around the house and do nothing. Well, nothing besides take care of the kids and snack on leftovers and talk to Daddy and the girls on Yahoo and see Pete and Holly off to Iowa.
Yes, I will say, that is having a nice relaxing day. Merry Christmas!

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