Thursday, December 3, 2015

In search of...

I lost the truck keys. Not misplaced. Lost.
As in... 90% of the 5 acres of woods we live in is underwater, muddy, or covered 6 inches in dead leaves.
And they might be outside somewhere.
Or the dog could have buried them.
That is, if my 3 yr old didn't hide them first.
Have you ever tried asking a 3 yr old where something is? You will end up with at least (if you're lucky) five, different, totally credible, stories that you are compelled to verify or disprove.
 Yeah. That kind of lost.
So you can sort of imagine how I've spent the last week. Everything inside the cabin has been taken apart, shaken, moved or cleaned. You would think with barely 600 sqr feet of living space you would run out of places to look pretty quick. If only.
Other things I may have also lost:
And temporarily...Perspective.
 In recent years I've gotten pretty good at just rolling with whatever happens, but I gotta be honest. This one thing really got me.  Cause I had a ton of stuff on "my" agenda. (Not unusual.) And I definitely had a plan. And so far my plan had been working great.

  •   Go to bible conference. Enjoy lots of fellowship. Come home.  Then go to Texas for cousin's wedding. Enjoy long awaited trip.  See lots of family. Come home. Cook like crazy and then spend Thanksgiving in Wiggins with more family. Enjoy lots of yummy food and more fellowship. Come home. Begin prep work for christmas building project (aka finishing boys and girls rooms). 

 Losing keys was not in that plan.

So now I'm in search of. Something. And yes, I overthink everything. I question and analyze and rehash. Every.Thing.  It actually annoys me that I do this sometimes. It would be much simpler mentally if, just once, something could happen and I would NOT attempt to find the deep hidden meaning behind it all. {sigh}
  Anyway, the keys are still lost, but hopefully tomorrow we will be up and running again. Living where we do, we had hoped to save some money by not having to call a locksmith all the way out here. So we ordered keys online. I guess tomorrow will tell if we are successful in that or not. I'll try to let you know how it turns out.
 Maybe The Lord wanted me to slow down. ( see, still looking for deeper meaning.) or maybe this was just one of those "trying of your faith worketh patience" things. If so I feel I'm pretty topped up on patience just now. 😊 Now for a little peace, hope and joy.
 Happy christmas prep to you all.

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