Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's Time

I think 2 years is a pretty good blog furlough, don't you?
 It's been so long I couldn't even remember my login and password and it spent way too much of my very limited "air time" trying to work out those little kinks.  I have been hoping to get back to blogging for about a year now, but it really became imperative when I realized this past week just how rusty my social/communication skills are becoming. I mean really. I spend 90% of my time talking with my kids:
  it's mostly one-sided and not usually intellectually challenging( if you don't count how many times I answer the same question the exact same way before I lose it. :\ ) We don't have internet right now (although hopefully soon) and so that eliminates any online communication or outside input.  Add to that, we live on a little homestead in the woods with chickens, a cat, and a dog and the conversational options really get narrow. I talk Ed's ears off when he is home, and I feel as though our friends at church  are thinking they never get a word in when we talk. Of course this is always in retrospect, because somehow I can't seem to remember quite how to negotiate conversations in the moment. And I have plenty of time after the fact to analyze what I said, and what they said, and how I sounded to myself and then what must they be thinking…..
 so, yeah.
It's definitely time. Time to start blogging. Time to re-enter the world where social graces come naturally and I don't come across …however it is that I come across.

 I'm not going to try to fit 2 years worth of living into one little blog post but the biggest life changes are the fact that we sold half our stuff, built a cabin in the woods and became homesteaders….and have been there about a year now. I'm just beginning to feel my feet under me again in one sense. Or least able to keep my feet and my balance in the new rhythm of life, and begin to be able to think of other things and notice that there is a world out there again.
  If there are any of you left to read this after 2 years, Thank you for hanging in there!!!! maybe it will be entertaining and maybe you will think I'm nuts! but whatever the case, I need to do this for me. So that I can practice "talking".  And for you, so that we can have a conversation where I don't stick my foot in my mouth. ;)
  See ya around, and have a blessed week!

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Jennifer Nelson said...

Been missing you on here and on Facebook! Look forward to hearing more about your new venture. I must say, I am intrigued!