Monday, October 17, 2011


   I have been putting off blogging for a number of reasons....most of them centered around the fact that, with Baby 8 on the way, I've just not been getting everything done. I've also been hoping inspiration would strike and I could impress you all with my eloquence. Sadly, the times that I have felt remotely inspired I was nowhere near my computer...and you know pregnancy brain, I can never remember much of anything. That is probably the thing that bothers me the most during pregnancy, being tired is no fun but being scatterbrained is way worse for me. (Still can't complain pregnancy's are good compared to alot of women...and we are so excited.)
  Anyway.....all that to say, I finally just decided to write or Christmas and New Year's will be here, and I will have nothing recorded about the process.
  I have been taking the past several days to 1.) prep for Duds for Doodlebugs again 2.) clean out and sort stuff, and 3.) plan for a homemade Christmas.
  I'm excited to say I have tons of ideas, and my cleaning out has been enough to also unclutter my creativity. I"m not going to post all my ideas as I'm not sure who all will be reading this ( I'll try to do an after Christmas post to let you know what all got done) and I don't want to ruin any surprises. For the kids, I would like to make pocket pillow shams and a set of new pj's around. The idea being that it will help them keep track of the pj's, so I'm not washing clean ones nor are they wearing dirty ones. =)  So that will be a big undertaking. Then, I have tons of other smaller ideas for stocking stuffers, more for girls than boys, but I'm still doing some research. Stuff like braided headbands and clothes. I can't go into detail about my other inspirations yet, but soon.
  Any ideas anyone wants to offer will be gladly received too.
 I'm also hoping to get some basic fall sewing as you can see, my schedule is jam packed.
Well, I gotta scoot for now. Stay tuned. =)


Janell said...

Great blog post! Excited to see the outcome of all your plans. WHAT are pocket pillowshams??? We LOVE you so much, and excited about the baby as well!!! :-)

DanieLauryn said...

Sounds fun! You amaze me!