Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not really sure

It's been so long since I posted more than one thing at a time I'm kind of rusty, but here's hoping this won't be totally boring.
I've been trying to update just a bit the past few days and I may even change my background again pretty soon. I get my layouts from and they are free. I've linked to her in my sidebar if you want to check it out.
I also want to add more pictures. I just found out that I can add pages to my blog so I'm over the moon happy about the possibilities there. One of them I'm thinking will be for the kids to tell about (or me to tell for them... however) their cooking experiences. Another may be for books I plan to read or have read. One is already labeled projects and as I have so many of those on my to do list I'm hoping I can start filling it up.=) I may even post one to record my workouts...when I ever get around to doing them. Maybe that will help motivate me. Or what is that word I'm looking for? I'm plenty motivated...all I have to do is look in the mirror or see an older picture or pull out an outfit I can no longer wear and I'm "there". (You know where "there"'s that big red spot that follows you around. Yeah, that one.) Maybe I just need to prioritize my time better. Anyway, you get the point.
I always get inspired to blog when I read other people's. So maybe that's what got me going.
Anyway...that's all my time for now but I'll hopefully be checking back in soon.


Judy said...

What a delight it is to stop by your blog and catch up on your beautiful family. You and Ed are surely blessed.

Is your machine still broken? Can it be repaired? Sergers are wonderful. So glad your mom had back-up machines to get your sewing done.

I'm not finished browsing your blog but wanted to leave a note before the weather broke loose again. It looks like a rainy day in Mississippi.

Love you, Jess.

I'm adding a link on my Blogs I Visit page so I can drop back in again soon.

Hello and my love to the family.

oxo Mama Judy

JeccaB said...

Thank you, Mama Judy! I love comments! You asked about my machine...I don't really think it can be fixed. It's been on it's last leg for awhile now, but I do have an antique one that I think is good I just need to get it tuned up. Maybe I can get a serger now though! I would love that. I might actually do more sewing if I had one. ;)
Love you too!