Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random facts about me

My family probably knows some of these since they grew up with me.
1. I once played a chinhead in a skit at youth camp.
2. I also once stole a pair of polka dot boxers from the boys dorm and ran them up the flag pole ( I was a counselor that time and I had help =)
3. I am not a huge fan of sports (I could honestly care less who wins the Super Bowl;-), but I like soccer.
4. I love to climb trees (yes, even now).
5. I would live on a farm if I could.
6. I don't like assumptions.
7. I think processing deer into sausage is unbelievably disgusting, and I helped.
8. I like doing things myself and hate having to ask for help.
9. I am very "greener is better" but just because it's healthier, not because I think we are killing the ozone.
10. I have a hard time reconciling my sentimental side with my practical side.
11. I love cleaning, organizing, and interior design.
12. I love to read....in fact, I'm useless if I ever really get into a good book, until it is finished.
13. I am afraid of heights, spiders, and snakes.
14. I love airports and airplanes.
15. I am super non-confrontational.
16. I am a huge fan of independent thinking.
17. My favorite Scripture passages are Psalm 91, Phil. 1:6, and 1 Cor. 13.
18. I am addicted to coffee and dark chocolate.
19. I find it easier to communicate on paper than in person.
20. I think being married to my best friend, and raising our children and following the LORD together, is the best life there is.
21. Oh yeah, and I have never ridden on a roller coaster but I would like to sometime (I think).

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