Monday, November 17, 2008

a new week

Hi all! just wanted to wish everyone a happy week. We've had some beautiful fall weather this last weekend and the leaves at Mom's house were gorgeous all over the ground. With her family coming for a quick visit we took advantage of the opportunity to take lots of family pictures amongst all the fall beauty. I'm posting a couple of them here, and saving the others for my Christmas card which I hope to get out this year.
We will be gone later this week for Ed's wedding shoot in AL, so I have plenty to do in preparation for being gone for 3 days. (Note to self: stop counting how many days we have until the end of the year and just enjoy them.)
Changing the subject here, but kids are so amazing...Aaron was wanting french fries for lunch but we didn't have any ready made, so he begged me to let him cut up regular potatoes by himself. I was pretty skeptical, but I told him he could try one and then show me...well, he just brought me a potato perfectly cut up into french fry strips. He is so pleased that I'm letting him do the rest.=) We have taught him and Lela some stuff in the kitchen, but I still tend to underestimate their capabilities.
Guess we are having french fries after all.

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Priscilla said...

Hey girlie,
I just got on here to catch up :-) I love your new set up.... really cute. And of course since they are my nieces and nephews I think that any picture of them is adorable :-) Love ya,