Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a quick update

I really have to get past the thinking that I need to wait until I have the perfect moment to record my happenings in the most perfect way. I think that is why I don't write sometimes because I want to write it down just right and then I never get it written at all because time hasn't waited and I have moved on or forgotten what I was going to write about. Trying to work on that.
Moving on...
We have lots of blessing to tell about (btw, if this typing looks weird once I get it up there it's Kyla's fault because she keeps coming up and hitting keys on the keyboard when she thinks I'm not looking=)lol. Lela just turned 7 on Friday and we celebrated with a fun party on Thurs because Ed had to go to work the next morning. I feel like we have stayed busy with our "social life" lately. smiles. We are really enjoying spending time with Mom and Daddy and girls now that they are home and close by. We have sewing projects and quilting parties and other such stuff planned as soon as we can squeeze it all in.
I am trying to get back on track with the schooling...(do I keep saying that?) it is a struggle to keep a schedule amidst all the goings on. I am thankful that our workload is flexible but then again you can only "flex" so much. So keep us in prayer in that regard if you think of us.
Also......(drum roll please) we just found out that Kyla is going to be a big sister long about June of next year. We are very excited and although she doesn't say so, I think she is too. We thought about trying to keep it a secret at least for a little bit but we wanted to tell the kids and of course once they are told you just as soon tell the nation...so no secrets here.
Ok, well, I have one more bit of news and then I have to scoot because I have children swinging from the ceiling. ( ok maybe not but they are at least jumping off the couches).
Ed just got his first wedding job to photograph so he is super excited about that. It will be Nov 21 and we will all get to go as they are sort family. It's Holly's brother and wife-to-be.
Running now....


Mini Cakes for Many Occasions* said...

I am so happy for you guys. Love and hugs, Lauryn

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

Congratulations!!! That is exciting. Wow..